Eat More Fish! Sustainable Seafood Convo with Whole Foods on Friday


Join us as we discuss with tolerable seafood pioneers, grocer Whole Foods and nonprofit Seafood Nutrition Partnership, about how to assistance everybody eat more, better, healthier fish.

Seafood is one of a healthiest, many versatile protein sources. In a U.S., it’s also one of a least consumed of a renouned animal proteins, with Americans eating around 15 pounds of seafood per year compared to 60 pounds of chicken. Why aren’t we eating more? Seafood Nutrition Partnership reports that consumers find seafood intimidating. Where do we buy it? How do we ready it? Why does it seem so expensive? 

We’ll learn a answers to these questions and most some-more on Friday, Oct. 23 at 10:30 a.m. PST / 1:30 p.m. EST.

Guest speakers

  • Linda Cornish is Executive Director for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, an classification focused on moving a healthier America by partnerships that lift recognition about a essential nutritive advantages of eating seafood.
  • David Pilat has worked in several stores, four regions, and Whole Foods Market’s possess seafood estimate trickery in Pigeon Cove formed in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Now in his second date with WFM, he serves as a Company’s tellurian seafood coordinator.


  • Nick Aster is a new media designer and a owner of

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If you’re incompetent to attend, a summation will be on TriplePundit’s YouTube page following a event.

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